Today is National Book Lovers Day, as well as the day I finished my ‘About’ page and my first blog post – exciting stuff!

Really, I thought that it was a nice coincidence that the day I finally decided to start this blog would be the day that is dedicated to bibliophiles. Now, if you’d asked me a year ago, or even yesterday, if I was a book lover I’d have probably nodded my head enthusiastically. I do really love books, or I thought that I did, but I’ve only just realised how much I’ve neglected one of my favourite things.

I casually clicked on the Independent’s list of ‘The 42 best books to read before you die – our favourites’ which, although isn’t exhaustive, and is clearly just a list of what the staff like, shocked me. I have only read three of the forty-two books. I’m disgusted and disappointed at the same time. How is it that a self-proclaimed book lover has only read three books from that list? No. It just won’t do.

I have made it a personal goal for myself to read the remaining 39 books on that list and to review them after I’ve finished. I could think of worst things to do during my free time and I’m quite eager to get started.

At the moment I’m in the middle of Butterfly Fish by Irenosen Okojie. My plan is to finish it, write my first ever book review (which I’m quite nervous about) and then get started on the 40.

Wish me luck!

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