For the last two years, I’ve made a list of ten things that I’d like to do before the year is up. This blog is actually a product of my 2016 list which I’m proud to say, I did eight out of the ten. You can read about my last list here.

I thought that if I publish it online, I’ll feel more of a need to get all of these things done. So here it goes, my 2017 bucket list:

1.Do the Game of Thrones tour

2. Go to more museums/historical houses

3. Write more

4. Ride a horse

5. Go camping

6. Go on a UK road trip

7. Try yoga

8. Watch all of the Star Wars films

9. Start saving

10. Learn to play Samson by Regina Spektor on the piano

The two leftover from 2016 are:

1. Go whale watching

2. Do the Harry Potter tour

I’ll be going to Harry Potter world this April and incorporating whale watching into my UK road trip (which will be a mini-road trip now, unfortunately).

Wish me luck!