February is always an odd month. It’s after a long and miserable January, so there’s some form of hope there; it’s short too which means that it usually flies by, but generally, the weather is just as cold as the last few months and for most people their new year’s resolutions failures are weighing down heavily on their consciences.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, but I do have a list of ten things I want to do throughout the year. I try to make the list varied. I put personal goals in it, things I’ve never done before, places I’d like to go etc. You can see my 2017 list here.

I’ve recently started looking into a yoga session and admittedly I’m looking forward to it although deep down I know that yoga just isn’t for me. I’m also planning a girly camping trip with family and getting my mini-road trip planned – I’m working on things.

Anyway, onto this past February. Doesn’t it feel like it’s just dragged on? It has for me. There’s been times that I’ve felt I’m drowning in all of my responsibilities or commitments. I’ve been thinking that maybe I’ve stretched myself out too thin?

I’ve been working, freelancing and volunteering for two different museums. I’ve also been offered a place on a museum studies masters (starting in April)! I’m so excited about it, but looking at all of those things, surely something has to give? I don’t know, I don’t want it to. I think that maybe it’s because I’ve been a little stressed at work and that because of this everything else has piled on top of me. I think that’s probably the root cause of things and it will all smooth over soon.

To add to all the things that I’m doing, today I started a free six-week course with Future Learn. It’s based on life in England during King Richard III’s reign.  It’s purely out of interest that I’m doing the course – I won’t gain much more than knowledge from it. I’m unsure about its content but I’ll see how it goes. I’ve only done a couple of this week’s units and it’s quite simple and introductory at the moment, but I’m hoping it gets more and more detailed as the weeks go by.

I sat down and went through all of my blog posts this month as a means of refreshing my memory on what I actually did. At the start of the month I used my complimentary tickets from the British Museum employee and went to its South Africa exhibition. I spent a day at the Museum of London and fell in love with it (as well as finding the Roman coins I’d had engraved in my mind since I was a child!). 14th February was Valentine’s day, and although I don’t usually celebrate it, I went on a special tour of Dr Johnson’s house. I travelled all the way to Chiswick and went to the Magical Lantern Festival which is only in its second year. There’s still a few teething problems but it was such a colourful experience and I’ll hopefully be in the position to go again next year. In my opinion it’s much better than Winter Wonderland!! Finally, I finished reading The Golden Notebook and posted my review of it.

When I look back, actually, I had quite a productive month. I also started volunteering for the Museum of London’s Fire!Fire! exhibition (which finishes 17th April – so if you haven’t been, you definitely should) after lots of training. I had my first shift a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun, and I’m so glad to be around children again, nothing beats interacting with them, their honesty, creativity and enthusiasm. I’ve never seen any adults exclaim ecstatically ‘That’s Samuel Pepys!’. A response I received from a question was ‘Well some people don’t understand. I don’t understand because I’m a child.’ – it was said so matter-of-factly that I genuinely didn’t know how to reply. It made my day though. It’s also a privilege to be working in such a great exhibition, with some truly amazing objects being displayed.

In a way, this month has been much different to the last. Things have settled down in my personal life, and I’ve really started to work hard for my future and build something that will hopefully become a career. It’s been a little tough and there’s been times when, like what I said above, I’ve felt things were becoming a bit much; but, I’m proud of myself and my direction, and I hope it continues into March…



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