Yesterday was Mother’s Day over here in the UK. As a treat I took the two most important women in my life to Cambridge. Actually, we were supposed to  be visiting Audley End House & Gardens but because of my rubbish sense of direction and lack of attention to the road, we ended up in Cambridge.

It was all of our first times in the city which is shocking really because we only live an hour’s drive away. We parked in one of their ‘Park & Ride’ car parks, because it’s impossible to find parking in the city centre, and got on a bus straight into the town.

I was a muppet, saw a bit of sunshine and didn’t put on any tights. So, our first task was to you know, buy some. Which we did, quite easily. There were so many shops, mostly chains, but loads of independent ones with beautiful clothes, and some really pretty jewellery. We stopped in an Italian Cafe (Cafe Milano) and had some lunch, which was quite nice, and even I was able to fill up there. Usually I struggle in Italian restaurants especially if I’m unwilling to have a cheeseless pizza.

Once we finished off eating we headed back out and strolled along, browsing in different shops, until we reached the River Cam which was full of students trying to get you to take a ride on a punt. We weren’t able to do one of these tours, as they’re quite low down and I don’t think my nan wanted to get in one but one day I will do. I’ve already started organising my next trip there. There was so much history to see, and so much to learn about that it would be awful not to go back.

We decided on an age friendly visit to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens. The gardens are very fairly decently priced, if they were based in London they would probably get away with charging £20+ for entry, and they have a really sweet little shop (which I somehow managed to find my way into… twice). There were loads of books, soaps, gardening bits and bobs etc. I found these stunning Quentin Blake illustrated postcards (there was a whole series of things, ranging from mugs to bookmarks) about Cambridge that I just had to pick up. I am in love with the Charles Darwin and Henry VIII ones. I also realised that I have a problem. I buy postcards and never send them to anyone, it’s quite sad actually.


Anyway, we strolled around slowly and took in the flowers, and trees that had been planted. The gardens weren’t as busy as the rest of the city, although there was a few people, and this made quite a nice change to the crowds from earlier.

After walking around we visited the cafe/restaurant and got ourselves some tea/coffee and cakes. I was so excited when I saw there were two (not just one which is so often the case) vegan options of cake. Cake! I love cake…

Whilst relaxing my mum noted that I would fit in well in Cambridge because “It’s full of people like you [me]… weird people.”

And that was that, my day was made.

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