Where has this month gone?

Seriously, can anybody tell me?


OK then, fine, I guess I’ll just start my rambling…

As you can tell, this month has felt like it’s flown by – I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, it’s definitely a thing anyhow. I’ve started to really enjoy writing these entries, it gives me a chance to reflect on the past month and I can see what I’ve been up to (actually, I’m up to quite a lot which is nice to know).

At the time of writing I have only posted one book review (Women in Love) this month, although I’m hoping to finish On the Road and have that done by the beginning of April (note: I published it already – you can find it here). It may not seem like it but I have been reading quite a lot, I’ve been working on another book review, and doing my own research for one of my voluntary roles… it takes a lot of time you know.

I’ve visited four different museums and places of culture/heritage:

  • Sussex Modernism at II Temple Place – whilst I enjoyed the exhibition I loved the house  much more.
  • I spent some time volunteering at Forty Hall & Estate which looked stunning on a lovely (and rare) sunny British day.
  • On a late Friday evening I went to the V&A and managed to see the Lockwood Kipling exhibition before it ends on 2nd April. There were so many amazing objects. I’m definitely glad I had the chance to go.
  • I took my mum and nan (I always find it awkward saying it English because I actually refer to my  mum’s mum as ‘nene’ which is Turkish – from now on I’m using that term) to Cambridge where we strolled around and visited the Botanic Gardens.

I also wrote about World Book Day at the beginning of the month and had a guest blog published – a copy of which you can find here.

I feel quite proud of what I’ve been doing this month, it appears to me that I’m not wasting my life, not currently anyway.

In comparison to last month (where I felt like I’d taken on too much); I’ve been much more relaxed, and definitely less fretful. Although, on a side note, I’ve been just as productive! Camping is all booked – I’ll be in Battle, East Sussex which is close to Rudyard Kipling’s house. I do so hope I get a chance to visit. Either way, the camping will be an experience. I haven’t tried yoga just yet, but I will do very soon. I’m also organising a trip to Belfast to do the Game of Throne tour – how exciting!

I’ve happily been continuing with Future Learn and I found ‘Week 4. Death and Commemoration’ very interesting. I’ll also be back to studying in April. Admittedly I’ve been a little restless the last few days – definitely one of my flaws, I get bored easily and want to move off somewhere – but hopefully I’ll get back to feeling like I’m working towards something (anything) in a few days. My Mum and I joked this morning about how in eight years I’ll be thirty-three and she’ll be sixty – we both agreed that I’ll probably still be living at home and doing another masters! Ah well, what can you do?

Oh, and before I forget – check out my latest venture (which hopefully
won’t be a flop). It’s a monthly e-newsletter on the goings on of London’s museums.Thanks for reading and here’s to another great month.


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