If you have read my 2017 bucket list you will know that ‘camping’ is on it.

Well, I am happy to inform you that I spent this long Easter weekend shivering in a sleeping bag as I struggled to sleep on a slope, cringing every time I used a compost toilet and avoiding it as much as possible, and washing my thick, curly (frizz-prone) hair approximately zero times, and having no service whatsoever during the entire four days – and I absolutely enjoyed every single second of it.

I camped with my cousin and his family (who I love spending time with) and I personally think that this is why I had so much fun – after all, it is all about the company you keep right? – but it was an experience that I’m glad I had, and it’s another thing to cross off of my list.

Friday was a kind of half camping day by the time we arrived at the Wild Boar Wood Campsite, run by ecoCamp and unloaded everything out of the tent. Initially I was struck by how pretty the bluebells were, and how nice it was to just be in nature. I don’t get to do it often, but that first night around the fire was nice and warm.

Photo 15-04-2017, 10 07 43

The next morning, after an admittedly dreadful night’s sleep, we all got up quite late and just about made it in time for our booking at Go Ape in Bedgebury. That was also amazing, and very, very fun! I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed the activities as I’ve never been too interested in physical exertion of any kind, but all of the challenges were great, and didn’t feel too much like well, challenges.

Once we got back to the camp site we went on a bit of a walk around, once again ending our evening by the fire.

On Sunday we visited Bateman’s (which I will write about in a separate post), the home of Rudyard Kipling.

And finally, yesterday (Monday), we packed up camp and went home.

Admittedly, and to my own surprise, I’ve spent today at work wishing that I was back outside, wandering around, being woken up by the birds singing. I wouldn’t say that I loved camping, or that I would do it again necessarily – it’s a lot of work – but, I did appreciate being in nature, getting my hands dirty, being physically more active, and just spending time outside.

I also learnt something interesting about myself this weekend: I am highly adaptable – I mean, I knew that I was already (emotionally speaking), but I didn’t realise how easily I would fit into the physical kind of lifestyle, or how happy I was to do it.

This has been a very short post, and I’m sorry for that, I have a lot to get through this evening, but I wanted to write this anyhow…


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