What. A. Month.

 I can’t believe it’s 1st May. Where is this year going? Where is my life going?

I’ve been pretty, really, seriously busy this past month. I’ve started my second Masters (museum studies) and been juggling it with having a full-time job and volunteering. It’s been really tough.

I finished three books in April:

 The Color Purple: Unexpectedly brilliant. Very easy to read and enjoyable.

 The Wind in the Willows: Funny, animals, intelligent – what’s not to love?

 Requiem for a Dream: So sad.

I also published my review of Letters to Eloise which isn’t something I usually read but the ending was perfection.

When I think about it, it’s amazing. I’m slowly making my way through this list of forty-two. I’m enjoying the challenge and all of these novels are providing me with some much-needed escapism on my journeys to and from work.

 I’ve also visited some cultural sites/museums:

Churchill’s home at Chartwell: The perfect day. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Churchill ‘the man’ and not the politician. Beautiful decor too.

Kipling’s home at Bateman’s: Very interesting, loads of things from abroad.  Picturesque.

Myddleton Gardens: Interesting to see the garden at different times throughout the year – it’s a haven so close to home.

As well as a couple of other places that I still haven’t had the chance to write about (they’ll be up soon I hope)!

 And… I managed to cross, not one, but two things off of my bucket list!

 Camping: So much fun and definitely didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

 Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London: I felt like a child again all day – clearly I had a good time.

All of this whilst working on my second edition of Museums Monthly which you can find here.

Every single time I look back at everything I’ve done in the past month it amazes me – I do a lot. I’m happy with what I’m achieving and hopefully, at some point, it’ll all pay off but for now, enjoy lots of pictures of me (predominantly nerding it up at Harry Potter World)…

Here’s to doing more of what you love.

Have a great May,


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